Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reflecting on the Mind, Body and Soul

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Reflecting on event's from yesterday has moved me in so many ways, my mind and soul is lining up with the word of God. I'm walking in a renewed faith, I'm asking that he be present in me today and everyday of my life. I'm asking in JESUS CHRIST Name that he heal, refresh and change me and my family in every way. I thankful to my parent's Bishop Bob Thomas and First Lady Sister Roise Thomas for coming to our hour of need and praying with us as a family. They are in there seventies and still move when God say so!!!!! My brother Joshua Thomas, reveal a miraculous  miracle on yesterday and he knew that it was GOD working on the behalf of my daughter. I truly thank him for stepping in and giving her some fatherly advice and reminding her that her "HEAVENLY FATHER" is always working on her behalf, he is the only source and power she will need for the rest of her life. He also reminded her "That her yesterday is the past that's already over you can't change that! She need to only be concern with what the future hold's for your life. He added seek ye first the kingdom of God and all the blessing she could ever want will be added!"

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It' takes a village to raise a child and having open communication with the community of family members seal the plan of salvation for one's soul. So I'm truly thankful for the community of people who has reminded me of God's everlasting power, grace and mercy that dwells in each of them that further show commitment of standing together against the enemy. I know I will be tested many more times in my life I'm asking like Soleman asked for wisdom and understanding that surpass all understanding God know my needs right now and I'm asking for many doors to be open and revealed to me this very hour. The question I had to answer for my daughter she want to see God's face and have more faith....I told her this come's with time, first seek him and all that will be reveal to you because he the only one that knows your heart and he will direct her too him because GOD THE FATHER  is love! 

Today I'm asking for a renewed reflection with the Father, he know my needs and wants, I know I have many more trials I will have to face as long as my walk is with GOD he will see me through!

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Like Soloman (Solomon (Hebrew: שְׁלֹמֹה, Modern Shlomo Tiberian Šəlōmō, Arabic: سليمان‎ Sulaymān; Turkish: Süleyman; Greek: Σολομών Solomōn; Latin: Salomon) I''m asking for wisdom and knowledge that surpass all understanding that will stand the test of time.

Words of Encouragement for the Family from MiraclesNow Sonya Ward

Don't B on Holiday Parents! Spend Time, Talk, Show Them They Matter & That U Care Beyond Icing. Parenting Is More Than a Cameo On Special Occasions. Rather Under The Same Roof or Otherwise, Nothing Can Separate True ♥ Neither Distance nor Circumstances. Get Know Them, Hear Them Out, Support Their Dreams, Make Them Priority! They Deserve The Same Blessings U Ask of Ur Father. Ignore them & God Just Might Ignore U!  Pay Attention To Your Kids

Watch Them, 
Eat, Sleep, Laugh, Communicate, Fit In etc
Pray with them
Pray for them
Celebrate their accomplishments
Show them their strength
Point them towards God
Teach them how to pray and believe and have faith
Call them from work and tell them you are thinking about them
Take them out to dinner just because
Bring your daughter flowers
Teach your son to bring flowers to Mom or His Sister or Grandma
Teach your daughter how to celebrate her brother
Teach them how to cook and sew and sing and laugh
Show them how to save money and why
Teach them what you do for a living, give them a head start
Make them feel special
Bring your daughter a tiara/crown and tell her she is a princess
Love and Empower Your Babies
Use lovely language in their presence
Esteem them with great reference
I call my kids my Pearls and they are
Black Butterfly, My Neo 1st Born Pearl
My Beautiful One, My Duece My 2nd Pearl
Prince is my Joy My Son My Tres'
Esteem Your Children Above Yourselves-
Make Them Come 1st Your Relationship 
with your kids just might be blocking your blessings
Get It Right!

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