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Affirmation for Today August 8, 2010

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This has been a week and I'm glad it Sunday evening. I have been filled with the spirit today because I doing something that God has led me to do...! I thought about writing a blog for so many years and just did not know where to start. I was listening to HayHouse http://www.hayhouseradio.com/ this is an online radio show. I was moved by the programming of each of the speakers' each one of them uplifted my mind, spirit, body and soul.  I was having a conversation with a FB friend Kendra Goodlaw, and she was asking me about my job search, one thing lead to another.  We started talking about the many streams God has already placed  in us that we had not tab into them yet.  Kendra stated "Bev you're smart and it's okay to be applying and looking for employment yet what you need to do is tap into what God has placed into your spirit and run with it....!" I laughed and continued to talked about other things. Kendra reiterated again "What do you like to do?" we talked about several things and in response to our conversation I began to dwell on some of things I had been wanting to do that had been already placed to the side and I had not pick it back up (several things).  

She told me a wonderful story of how her family reunited 
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and what a joy that had been for them and about some of the jobs she had done and even what God was laying on her heart to start now! This conversation led to other topics and once I was off the phone with her I was inspired, excited and empowered to restart my blog and to continue to work in God spirit and plan for my life. Affirmation comes in all forms and we cannot afford to set in an idle stage and let opportunities pass us by. We must stay in prayer for our dreams to come to past and act on faith for doors and opportunities to open up in our favor. I'm moved by my FB friends so many of them have started businesses, found new jobs or even returned to school. God word speaks for itself all we have to do is acknowledge him and God will see that the doors are not shut to those who believe in his will. 

I believe in the power of prayers and I pray with those who are seeking him and needing a blessing or an healing. I was moved by my cousin's prayer for her family when we reach out for prayer from strangers our prayers goes up and they are heard and the blessing come down!

Prayer of Healing my Cousin

Jackie Cary Simmons

Dear God, it's your daughter Jackie....let me start off by saying Thank You for All that you have DONE, that you are DOING right now, and that you are GOING to do. And if you decided not to do anything else Lord.....you've already done enough.....In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

Prayer for the soul Evangelist Danyell Easley

"For the LORD takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation."

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