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Affirmations for Today August 06, 2010

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Wow what a different twenty-four little hours can make... As many of you know I started a daily affirmation segment along with several other things that's up and coming!! Well there's an old saying "Don't let you know who (SATAN) hear you wanting to have a positive outlook on life!!" because he will rear his ugly head everytime!!!!!!!!  
I had an unsettling day August 5, 2010 one that really made my stomach turn and it broke my heart! I had a talk with my brother who spoke kind word's of encouragement and he reassured me that my faith was being tested and my mantle needed to be dusted off....because the race was now on and I needed to finish it first!

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I was encouraged by a wealth of online Sister's in Christ to stay faithful and be of good cheer, many of their messages left me feeling like I was not alone and that each of them will continue to keep me in their everlasting prayers. "Remember many are called and few are chosen"  Well the chosen came through in a big way and I really appreciate it! My cup now runs over with love! I would like to take this time to thank those who listen and shared their thoughts with me.  My brother Joshua Thomas, who's an up and coming motivational speaker had to stop me in the mist of my crying and said, "Hold on don't you know this is God showing up you are supposed to be prepared and ready"ALRIGHT NOW! Geneva and Felice who are long time and great friend's of mines made me laugh and cry yesterday evening, it was a joy sitting back hearing their voices again! Last but not least two of my spiritual savior's on yesterday encouraged me too tears!!!  It was a complete joy to read the private messages that was sent to me on FB, their word's stirred a complete heavenly joy in my heart and that was confirming  AFFIRMATION for me...!  I know my daily walk with the lord is going to be a test, my faith in him alone will give me the strength that I need for this journey! God always show up on time he never fail me yet and it's even nicer when he send someone to walk with me in my footsteps! The peace and joy I now feel today is what going to help me stay consistence to JESUS CHRIST WILL FOR MY LIFE! 

Listed below is some of the word of encouragement I received on yesterday, I know each message was from the heart from each of them. I'm still getting words of enlightenment  their words and thoughts will continue to sustain me now and into my future.  I hope you are uplifted and encouraged as I have been in my hour of needs theses messages will help you affirm God's will for your life and give you the strength like I received!!

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

Affirmation from 
Joshua Timothy Thomas
Motivational Speaker

"Don't you know you are being tested? This is your time to show up pick up your mantle and finish the race not given to the swift but to the one who endures to the end!"  Don't you know this is your time to  understand the will of God for you life...remember this Beverly, no weapon formed against you shall prosper this is your walk with the Lord "Now show up!"


Affirmation from 
Twyla Buckmon

Stand on the God's Word. In fact run to it! Each & amp; every time something that's said or done that's contrary to God's Word get a Scripture & speak it to one of those situations. Them attacks will not stay around the Scripture being spit @ them.  

Another thing is to praise God in the midst of going thru like its already done! You're deliverance is in your praise. You stand in the gap for her & throw "his" game off.

I cancel his plans RIGHT NOW with the Blood of Jesus. God IS going to redeem the time. Be & st) encouraged!

Affirmation from 
Evangelist Danyell Easley 

The key is for you to stay right there and do not give up. No time to get weary....let's war against the enemy and mind control. I will be here for you. Keep your head up. You have sowed encouragment to others and now is your time to receive in that area.

God Bless You! It's already done...try not to allow stress to move you out of position!

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