by Beverly Thomas-Brewer on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 1:26pm ·
Jerica aka JRose Brewer
My daughter Jerica and I had to really work together this morning....more than we ever have in our entire lifetime together.....! It was about 7:44am early start for both of us. I needed to take my daughter to her bus stop and not only that my friend to work. Little did I know it had rain the previous night which made our morning commute very tedious to say the least! I parked my car behind my parent home, it’s adjacent to an alley as we proceeded with our morning task this particular morning,  My car got stuck in the mud and when I say "STUCK IN  THE MUD" well pig's would have had a field day in the kind of mucky brown well let's move on!, The car was truly stuck it would not move backward nor forward I knew from the winded sound coming from the car, this was going to be a morning that left an imprint on our nerves.....!!

I tried not to panic and so did my daughter, I could see the look on her face....”I better try and say the right thing because my Mom is really in a jam!” She directed me from her seat “Mom turn the wheel this that’s the wrong we are now more stuck than we were! I proceeded to ask her to get out and see if she could push the car from the front, she could not it was impossible nearly next to futile at this point..!

I proceeded to get out of he car to look for boards on the ground “maybe just maybe” we could give the car some leverage and get the car out....this did not work at first but at least we tried. Jerica did take over from there  because I was so hurt my poor car was taking the blunt of being stuck in the mud and wining like baby pig been chased.  The right fender was hanging my nerves were exhausted, Jerica proceeded to ask one of our  neighbor to assist us. he agreed and made and attempt to help us in every-way possible while refraining from laughing at me, I was now knee deep  in mud and covered from head to toe. 

He asked Jerica to “Back it up, come forward, now back it up again” we did this for several daughter could see my face clearly from her vantage point in the car“It was cover in mud” I could tell by my neighbor face I must have looked “CRAZY” he smiled and chuckle and proceeded to ask me was I okay? I was more worried about my car not the ton’s of dirt and mud that gotten all over my body (not exaggerating either) I was cover from head to my toe!

“Whew” we finally got the car out Jerica backed all the way out and took the car to the front of the house. I was so disturbed by this ordeal I did not want to see my car. Jerica tried with all her might to get the car clear of mud, sticks, and dirt.... What I can say about this morning she motivated me more than she will ever know. 

Jerica showed me she is full of fight, her conversation pertained to the positive side of life and how she was so thankful we had got the car out the mud. Jerica has known for many month’s I’ve been stuck in my own self imposed mud called  life.  Looking for employment for so many months made my own personal journey feel like I was trapped in slimy muck called life. 

I've felt like my entire existence for the last couple of years, has allowed me to wallow in despair as I continue to be stuck in this beautiful painting "Yes life is beautiful" somehow I was never able or willing to get myself out of this horrible loop.

My daughter showed me in so many way’s “You are what you feel” In so many ways I was the needing to motivate my self to do better! You are the only person who can define the qualities you process inside I knew my own strength, I fail at homing in on them. I and only know the dept of my soul and how to aspire to be the person  need to be.  So when your spirit call on you to be in control latch on to every fiber and take hold.

So if you get up feeling like you can’t go on and that the mud has gotten to thick for you to get out of it.... “Well put your child in the driver seat put yourself in front of the problem brace down and PUSH forward”

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Jerica Breanna Rose Brewer aka JRose
February 15, 2012