Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Affirmation "Emmett Grizzly Douglas" Gatekeepers To Our Minds!

"Emmett Douglas"

Gatekeepers To Our Minds

Keeping an "open mind" is not a good thing. It sounds like a good thing, and it may even feel good to say it, but keeping an "open mind" is dangerous. Your mind is where all of your most intimate details of your life resides. It's the place where your personal belief system flourishes without negative influence, and is allowed to grow. Consider your mind as a 10 acre farm, with a huge gate all the way around it. The gate is for security, for you, and your family, and property. 

There is a world of chaos outside your gate, as well as a world of true beauty. You should never leave that gate open, as to allow anything that wants in access to you, and whats yours. You will wake up one day, and there is so much going on inside your gate that you can hardly remember what you are trying to protect by having a gate in the first place. Things will become issues, and priority that you don't even really believe in, but it's all inside of your gated personal property now, and has become a part of you before you realized it. 

There are some positive things, and some wonderful things that came thru your open gate also, but you have to search for them, and single them out apart from the chaos. When you choose to keep your gate closed, and you guard it. You can see everything passing by on the other side of the gate, whether good, or bad. When something wants in, it has to have your permission. You measure it by your personal standards, as well as the potential affect it may have on everything else inside your gate. 

If it is in line with you, and your system, then you welcome it in your world, and close the gate right behind it. I don't believe in keeping an "open mind", simply because, I only let in what I want to be with me, I can make that choice, without allowing something free access to my mind. Thats why we are to be the gatekeepers to our minds.

Special Note: Emmett Douglas will bring a new feature to this blog look forward to seeing his poems on Friday's…and affirmation that change your mindset~!


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