Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Apostle Sandra Jones 

Update Sharlene still need our prayers she has fallen and broke her Jawbone she is in terrible pain....when you are praying please 
lift this family up in prayer!!!

Our daughter Sharlene is certainly air marked 4 greatness. 
She has been thru much. Without the Lord on our side there
is no hope Her leg was amputated and she been 
experiencing much phantom pains.

Tomorrow she starts chemo again. Sharlene is a champion 
who is being made, an uncommon achiever. Success is
attracted two faith n God, optimism, attitude, obedience....Sharlene is a trooper and will 
prevail. Yes God is good...!

I've been moved by their many months of faith, patience, long suffering, and endurance. Apostle Sandra Jones and her lovely daughter Sharlene are a testament to Gods wisdom and favor. She never ask me to do this....I'm going to send this family a Love Offering...if you would like to do so inbox me at http://www.facebook.com/beverlythomasbrewer1 

I will send you her address so that you can send it directly to her....peace, love and grace! 

Apostle Sandra Jones in her own words
Today I declare I will have peace in my mind and heart. Nothing shall by any means steal my praise. I speak favor over my home and blessings over my finances. I shall not lack but shall have more than enough. I am victorious over every circumstance. In the name of Jesus. (The Shepherd"s Heart)
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