Friday, February 25, 2011

Enjoying My Everyday Blessing!

As many of you know are will find out I truly enjoy my grannies! (Amaya) I  help name her when she was only 2pounds (Marlee and Sumarlee Brewer the twins)❤  I'm a divorce mother of four children. My ex left our family when my oldest son was five and the youngest son was two. So I know a lot about single parenting....those was some really hard, fun, and strong years for me, without my really strong consistence support system in place with my other single parents friends  and their children in our lives, throughout the years "we really would not had made it" I had to really prove over and over again what I was really made of in order for us to truly make it!

I made the hard decision to raise them on my own without bringing someone in to really complicate things...I learn from my kid's later one day when we were having a conversation...they stated "We never miss having a dad in our provided for us, took us on trips, brought us a home and stayed on our backs about our education....we really thought this is how everyone live in a single parent home." I receive many surprises and compliments pertaining to rearing of my children.  People were blown away at how respectful they were...and how I kept them so clean and neat. It was by the grace of God and his love for us that helped up in those lean years.

I'm truly blessed to see the fruit of my labor through the eyes of my grandchildren, I really never saw them in my future, I was too busy reaping the rewards of putting my time into what my kids need were and I tried very hard  to meet them. Do we have everything we desire?  I have my health and strength and the desire to continue learning as I focus on the future. I'm off to babysit my grannies today and I'm struck by the everyday blessing that I truly have and thats enough for me!❤
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