Thursday, December 30, 2010

I feel the clock ticking and counting down to the new year! I'm excited that I met so many new people in the last week of the year! I wanted to share some word's of wisdom and advice for the coming year quoted by Ms Evelyn Jackson enjoy!

Question of the day: How do the business of today survive?
First let me tell you... This day in age it's a NEW BREED of Entreprenuers out here...! If you stay with the old school, you're going to get the old school attitude...(The Old School is BROKE) In order to grow, you have to embrace Change, Challenge and Creativity...! 
Also you have to embrace Technology. I hear people who say, I hate chat, I hate texting, I hate emails and I hate facebook/twitter...! I'll tell you this, if you hate that, then you hate to grow.
Embrace Change and watch your business Blow UP...!
 Evelyn (The GURU)
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  1. Great advice Ms. Jackson thanks for sharing...!



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