Friday, December 31, 2010

"Happy New Year 2011!"

The New Year is quickly approaching! It's 10:43am in the morning! The last day of the year December 31, 2010....! As I sit here reflecting over the past year I've been inspired, empowered, excited, happy, and sad!  With the close of another year you begin to remember the entire year and how quickly it went by. I thank God, for this moment to reflect over the goodness and enrichment of the many friend's I've met even within this last week of the year!

My grannies turned a year older, they began to call me "Nana" and form sentences and say some really wild things! They love to play, share and kiss one another! They have truly been a joy and a blessing to watch, I'm glad the awesome God I serve allowed me to see each of them grow into their own personalities! In the last month I've watched more of the Dora series than I care too, yet whatever make them happy is what been a "Nana" is all about!

Many did not make it to the last day of the year, we lost relatives, friends, celebrities, and love one's! I thought it was important to reflect and give thanks to the almighty "Jesus Christ"  for giving me grace and mercy to see the last day of the year. I'm not sure what tomorrow might bring, I'm optimistic about my future. I know if God is ahead of my life I have nothing to fear!

Here's some tips I found and would love to share them and hope you incorporated them into you daily life in the coming year!

Developing Healthy Eating Habits
   Continuing Your Education 
   Improving Your Financial Situation
  Giving more (volunteer to help others)
  Decreasing Stress
Changing your lifestyle 

    Continue to be Be Blessed in His Spirit in the Coming New Year!
                          B. Thomas-Brewer
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