Monday, November 1, 2010

"The Reading Room"

Every Monday if it's God will....I'm challenge to start a reading room.! Staying with my theme to inspire and excite I'm genuinely excited to bring you the literary world of book's which I've found and i'm so willing to share!

In this secetion I will also give you updated information on the different author's I happen to come across! Some of them may be author's and writer's you have heard of and many other's are up and coming author's trying to get the word out about their book! I've already found many of them in a perfect place and that's on  FaceBook.....!

I love to read and my biggest desire is to become an author specilizing in women's issues, faith, and children book's. Oh how I would love to become the next J K Rowling, the Harry Potter author! Maybe not on that scale, but ooooooooooooh how I would love to write a good book like that! Something that excite young  kid's and adults to read! So I hope this motivate you to read a book after it's been posted! Again if you are an up and coming new author let me invite you to share your work on my blog your book informatiuon along with your bio will be posted.. I will be happy to let people know you are out there.....!!!!

So here's to the start of the "Reading Room" get those thought's and busy finger's ready out there in cyber space and once again I would like to welcome you to the "Reading Room"!

PS:  Book clubs will be invited and I will let you know what they are reading and I will find out if they are willing to share their thoughts on the litrary work of their choice...again I will be happy to share it here!

Bevy checking out!

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