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Affirmation Prayer for Today August 18, 2010

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My Affirmation for today is "LOVE" and I can completely say this is how I feel after reading a post today from Minister Sherry Carol Bean!! Many of my facebook friend's leave complete surprises in your inbox, they really warm your heart through and through! I've met many of them through the facebook forum and now I keep in contact with each them though facebook, emails and phone calls! The verses, prayer request and messages are so profound it's unbelievable so 
many of them have touch me in so many way's and I know it's through the father's love I feel the connection with each of them. God has proven time after time those who pray together comes together in his name can move mountains and though this connection of love we are one!

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I created this blog to share the many messages that move, inspire and empower me to make a different in someone life and in their heart. I've met some awesome people even through my blog, I hope they feel the same connection too! I will be adding the many prayer request from my facebook family and their progress of healing. Today I'm adding three  wonderful people who have asked for prayer through my facebook connection they have touch me in so many ways. I would love for you too keep them in prayer, peace, and  love in their hour of need. 
Many think they have to search the world over to find something that will give them happiness but my "Eat Pray and Love" is meeting people that share my faith in GOD and his love for his people that's what affirm my wisdom and knowledge more in GOD TODAY!


I would also like to leave with you the surprise note that was left in my inbox today....The grace of God's will from her message was gleaming all through her written word's this morning and it centered around you guess it "LOVE" from:

"Minister Sherry Carol Bean powerful within it self enough said!"

So it's about 12:12 am here in Chicago and I can't sleep, at first I thought it was because I work nights and my body is just reacting like it normally does even though I'm off tonight. But there is something different about this night, there is such a longing in my belly, such a sense of wanting. Than after talking to Prophetess Tracy Davis I realized what I was Feelin is love Sick, yea love sick for the Father longing for his presence. The Tv wasn't getting it, reading wasn't doing it, nothing natural satisfied it. I need to be in my Lovers presence, I needed to hear his voice and feel his touch. I needed him so much until it brought me to tears, I understood what The Shulamite woman meant when she said refresh me for I am lovesick. I understand her desperation when she said I sought him but did not find him, I will rise now and go about the city, in the streets and in the squares, I sought him but I didn't find him, the watchman who goes about the city found me and I asked him have you seen the one I Love? I can identify with the passion she had when she said when I found the one I love I held him and would not let him go. Have you ever been So in love that you couldn't sleep, eat or rest? have you ever wanted someone so much that NOTHING else could or would Satisfy you? That's why I'm up because I"m lovesick, after experienceing, encountering and being Priviledged to be loved by the Father I find myself in a place of continual want. Nobady told me it would be like this, nobody told me I'd have sleepless night because of him, nobody told me his touch would stir the very core of my being, nobody told me i would develop an insatiable appitite for onlly him, nobody told me. I'd like to Thank you for not telling me I properly wouldn't have believed you anyway- besides some things you need to experience for your self. It's one thing to say he's the Lover of your soul it's a whole other thing to Experience it, I refuse to experience this by myself I Decree and Declare that you Shall experience this as well Now. Even if you have I  Decree a DEEPER LEVEL Now, Tonight I wanted nothing but him and he Wanted Nothing but me now thats real Intimacy- now you know Intimacy leads to conception- conception leads to birth- birth brings forth a Baby that will Empact the Nations after all remember who the Daddy is. And Since I Refuse to be either pregnant with Destiny by myself or bring forth by myself get ready to be Intimate with the Father, Prepare to be drawn into his Love chamber. Prepare for your night with the King. Well I have to go now my lover is calling and soon he'll be calling you. Kingdom Blessing to you- see you in the delivery room!

"Continue to be blessed in his spirit"
                                           Love Ms Bev 

First, just as God's love was manifested in the sending of the Son, so John expects that we will demonstrate love in action to others (compare 3:16-18). Christians will live out their love in kindness, generosity and service to others. But, second, the Elder's argument moves quickly beyond the example that God's love provides for us to an examination of its active and redeeming character (vv. 9-10). God has loved us in a way that has given us life. The atoning death of Jesus provides the means by which believers come into a life-giving realm where love is received and expressed (Jn 3:16). We do not simply gaze at the painting on the wall; we are touched by the hand of God and given life-giving love. And, third, because life and love come from God, it is God's activity and not our own behavior and efforts that defines the essence of love.The Command to Love (4:11-12)
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