Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Nanna's Day....!

No one could have ever told me I would enjoy been a "Nanna" to the most beautiful grannies in the world....! I have three granddaughters; Amaya, Marley and Surmarlee Brewer. Each of them have their own personality and they are just wonderful to be around. I raised four kids as a single parent. I was divorce so long I really forgot about my marriage and the heartache I went through. I focus on raising my children and secretly wishing for grandchildren. I dare say I did not push the issue of having grannies, my kids knew too well the hardship of being raised in a single parent home.

I need to clarify something right was years later when my kids told me yes it was hard to be raised without a Dad...but Mom you did not miss a beat...! We travel somewhere every summer! We went on every event we could go on...I made sure they never miss going to water parks, Frontier City, Six Flags, Arts Festivals, and the public libraries. They said with all the things you had us involved in...we never miss having a Dad in our were our Dad in so many ways you really taught us how to be a Dad to our own children!

I know this started out talking about my grannies, I just wanted to add without them (my kids) I would not have had the pleasure of knowing the most awesome grannies in the world...they give me love unconditionally! Their small arms encircle my neck and they squeal with delight when I hug and kiss them back. No one could have told me my marriage would crumble yet out of the rubbish I have three of most beautiful grannies in the world and equal to that I have the most awesome son's and daughter. They make me laugh my head off over so many things! My kids have shared every dreams and accomplishments throughout my life, I could not ask for anything more than I already have from my kids and grannies they are truly a blessing from GOD!

I feel blessed this Mother's have the love of my kid's and grannies in my life I love each of them very much. I would not change the past because my future came from it. My children and grannies have come into my life and change my outlook forever! To all the Mother's who have children don't give up because your future is on it's way!

Love Nanna


  1. Wow,I remember all the pain you went through in being a mother and father in the beginning. But each time I saw you after the beginning you and the kids will growing in grace and joy from each other. Girl you was making a strong family. Now you have such pretty grand kid's the Lord has blessed you with. Happy Mothers Day to you Bev.....God bless the family. Love Lisa

  2. Thanks cousin....I truly enjoy the kid's I just want to be the best Nanna I can be!



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