Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dark Space By Geneva Johnson

Despair , sadness & fogginess hover over me from  nowhere… at least I think nowhere  but  really it does have a place where it comes from I just can’t identify it 
Bad Memories, metaphors & losses flood my mind in no particular order
The daily weight  of life mixed with lurking depression sap the  productivity right out of my daily functions. 
I try to clear my mind but… to no avail. I can’t do it.. I’m stuck… only GOD… ONLY  GOD can open the locked tight door that I fail to get past
How do I mark these words correctly so you can see What can I say?
Minutes pass as my angst grows over my listlessness. Why can’t I just table this
Why won’t it let go?     
I have the ability to do better but it has been swiped away and held captive for now,  I stand in quicksand, if y it's your will
I am held fast in this dark space of void, I want to escape and be free and be happy and be light and energetic and vibrant again .... dark space.. let me out…
G ’15
Geneva Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK
@All Rights reserved

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