Friday, October 14, 2011

My Chocolate Fantasy

My Chocolate Fantasy
Everyone has a fantasy......a favorite fantasy....that one that always finds a way to bring a suspicious smile to your lips.....every single day. What makes fantasies so delicious is the amount of detail we can apply to each and everyone. Most fantasies are pretty much the same across the board. Wealth to own our own tropical island paradise, fame, world peace, and the list is infinite at best. But we all also have a favorite fantasy. favorite fantasy....happens to be  the  most beautiful piece of the purest chocolate. When I unwrap her, she melts in my my hands...all over my finger tips. Her taste is so smooth, sweet, and creamy in texture, I'm instantly lost in the sheer exstacy of the moment. With each kiss, her flavor stays on my lips for hours.

Looking into her eyes is like staring into a perfect diamond, endless prisms of color, with more sparkle than the brightest of stars. Her smile illuminates my days, as well as my nights. The sound of her name alone is comparable to some of the most beautiful music I have ever had the privilidge to enjoy. Like most chocolate, her body is smooth with the most impressive curves and tone imaginable. Her height is just right, when I hold her, she can rest her head on my chest, just about even to my chin. What ever wrapping she choses to present herself in accentuates every God blessed detail His hand made chocolate creation possesses. Now, for my favorite details. She is a lover of Christ, a believer in His word. She can find comedy in virtually everything, meaning when we are together, the laughter hardly ceases.

Her taste in music, is the taste of an artist. Totally understanding that there is so much more to music than culture or genre, because she is an artist herself, able to make a canvas come to life with every stroke of her magic brush. She is able to express herself in everyway to be expected...and a few ways that I don't expect, thats life with an artist. She has a heart big enough to save the world, if there were truly a way she could. I anticipate every moment to be in her pesence, I enjoy every moment in her company. The time apart from her is like total incompleteness, an emptiness void of love, and even life itself. We may disagree on a few things, but those occassions are rare, and our love for each other is never questioned.

She takes me to a whole different level, in mind, body , and soul. I desire to be the best I can be for her, and she knows this. If there ever was a true definition of a soul mate, thats what we are to each other. So there you have it. She is out there..and she knows without a doubt, that she is my chocolate fantasy

Emmett Douglas

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