Sunday, July 17, 2011

"My Birthday Is Just Around The Corner"

I was born July 18th, you do the math! I will be a another year older by midnight, and like they say another year wiser hummmm! I'm not sure what I going to do yet... I do have on my BUCKET list hopfully my friends I sharing a "Purple Tini" at Nona's downtown in Oklahoma City! Why a "Purple Tini" that's my favorite color and I've alway's wanted to have a grown up version of a "Martini" oh yes call me silly yet a girl is gotta have good safe fun for her birthday!

I'm graceful for having another year added to my life, I've also added a bucket list of things to do before the year is out... One of those things is being more creative on my blog...adding more zest in the things I would like to accomplish... Letting go of the old things that movtivated me and moving forward more each and everyday!

So here's to being one more year older and finding new thing's to do! I've been blessed beyond measure, hopefully God has more surprises around the corner for me! I'm truly graceful already for my health and strength! And all the many blessing he has already givin me! So here's to  celebrating all the great things that already happen and the many more things God has in store!

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