Thursday, March 10, 2011

"THE READING ROOM" Author Elder Brenda Bradley Part Two

Looking for Love?
Knowing who Boaz is will free you from looking for love in all the wrong places. You will be encouraged, remembering the priority is not you finding him, but him finding you focused and determined.

Found, but not Chosen?
For women currently in a relationship, knowing who Boaz is will save your heart from putting more time into something that will not materialize.
Based on the Biblical account of Boaz and Ruth, 

The Boaz Factor…When You Are Ready For the Right One! will take you on a journey of self-discovery, highlighting why we hurt from past relationships and why we continue in a cycle of false relationships that we desire to be real.
With this revolutionary new book, Elder Brenda Bradley uses The Boaz Factor to break through the barriers of how and why we end up in the relationships that break our hearts. Grounded in scripture, truth and past experiences, The Boaz Factor will first help you to see truths that shift the paradigm of your relationships. Then, through practical, hands on application, Elder Brenda Bradley gives you a new plan to obliterate the cycle!

The Boaz Factor… When You Are Ready For the Right One! 

(118 Pages, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9826242-2-7, $14.99) will be released on March 20, 2011 by Ellechor Publishing House, LLC.

Book Excerpt

When I was younger, I dealt with a relationship or rather a non-relationship that I thought was a relationship. I know it sounds confusing but let me explain.  I had been through almost every phase imaginable for a relationship to go through and yet it was a non-relationship relationship.  After awhile I refused to talk about it, because whenever I did, I couldn’t justify why I even put up with it.

“We are ‘together.’ Well, no not really.” I’d try to explain. You see there was something there, but it couldn’t be described.  We just knew that it was real and that it took precedence over anything or anyone else because we meant so much to each other. We were friends, but so much more than that. We were soul mates who couldn’t seem to commit to a relationship. 

The feelings were so deep, yet it was not enough to join our lives together. It was magnetic when we were in the same room, but not right for the time being. It didn’t need to be talked about or identified all the time because we were too mature for that.  We knew it was forever, because it will never be over until we finally got together…which leaves the huge question in the atmosphere of when will that be?

Do these mixed emotions sound familiar? If so, you are simply in a non-relationship relationship, a relationship without commitment. Although it seems to be everything at the time, something that you can build your life on, these kinds of relationships will only amount to insanity.

–Excerpt from Chapter 4: Want vs. Choice


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