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"THE READING ROOM" Author Sonya Ward & Artist

Life Channels Empowerment Group and Performance Solutions, Your Custom Platform for Personal and Pro-fessional Success.

As a Former Marketing Executive  & Performance Analyst, I was able To Transition From Employee to Employer.  Redefining My Career by Aligning it with Purpose and Passion.  As a Success Coach, Content Guru, Motivational Strategist and Speaker, I Nowe Get Paid Doing What I Love.

You must then nurture it to see it take root.  It doesn;t stop there, you must put in the time, effort and committment to see the brilliance and radiance of the flower that blooms within.  Once I did this, I honed in on the colors of my lifePrior to the realized promises in my life ideally I made excellent money, experiendced growth, acquired skills but I was not answering the voice of my destiny.... (read on...) As a Success Coach, I have worked with people that have gone through half their professional lives making someone else’s dream come true.  Not understanding why they lacked motivation, self-confidence, happiness and most of all a sense of self.  

So many people work year after year, in positions that don’t excite them, fulfill them, or ring true to what they were born to do.  It amazes me how opportunities continued to present themselves for me to step out on faith, but the safety net was a bit to plush for me to test the waters of destiny. Many look at the state of the economy in fear and trembling, but I see much differently.  Sometimes the only way you will realize your greatness is to weather “The Perfect Storm”  When doors begin to close, you’ve got to look up and begin to celebrate what is to come.  

I truly wanted to leave my career path to walk in my purpose but it wasn’t until God ushered me through closed doors that I BECAME ONE, I became true to my authentic self, pulling together all that I knew, acquired, and was made of, to begin  BRANDING MY BRILLIANCE!  What an epiphany! 

I knew I had a natural voice to inspire, a heart for people, the skills to drive peak performance and the gift to scribe. Further because of my discipline and drive for results I knew that editing was one of many marketing & communications skills that I had come to master.  As a result of it all, I launched Life Channels Empowerment Group and Performance Solutions, VOW: Voice On Words, Branding My Brilliance & Stream Her Dreams (A Social Network Development Forum) and The Force our Career Development Services.  As a published author, doors began to open for ghost writing projects and beyond.  My first book is entitled  Fear is Not My Boss and LEAP Mountains, Land Miracles is soon to follow.

In short, being good at what someone else loves can never compare to being great at and 
no reason why you can’t“Get Paid Doing What You Love”


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