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"THE READING ROOM" Author Ni'Cola Mitchell "TWISTED" Part II

Except from Author Ni'Cola Mitchell book "Twisted"

I have to do what’s best for me……Has been Dionni’s new motto since that horrible night when she found her finance Dale entangled between the legs of her best friend Eva.  Enraged and torn; Dionni goes on a hiatus trying to get as far away from Las Vegas as possible to clear her mind and get her heart back in order. 
Her much needed vacation was interrupted once Dionni was informed that Tiana, her other best friend was found raped and beaten and now in a coma and was in need of constant care.  Being the only family that Tiana has; Dionni has to return home to face her past while trying to put the shattered pieces of her life back together.
Twisted, the highly anticipated sequel to Over and Over Again will explain if the demons of Dionni’s past will allow her to be free; or will they continue to keep her twisted.

Excerpt – I removed my Armani Exchange sunglasses and extended my left hand to take a good look at my ring finger.  I was in love with my two carat, sky blue diamond, platinum engagement ring that Dale gave me when he proposed to me.

The ring he gave me just hours before I went on a high speed chase with a damn near empty gas tank through the city of North Las Vegas chasing him and his chick of the moment.  The same ring that he gave me before he knew that Ashley, his mistress from the garage was pregnant.  The same ring that he gave me despite of the secret love affair that I discovered that him and Eva, my supposedly best friend was entangled in.

Yea, I was oh so in love with this beautiful ring, that I did not think twice as I stood in line at the small pawnbroker downtown to do the inevitable.
I was about to pawn it.

That’s right.  I walked up to the elderly Middle Eastern woman that stood behind the counter and asked her for her best offer.

The lady peered at me for a moment over her wire reading glasses, before stepping away to speak to her supervisor.  I really was not in the mood for speculations, and I glared right back at her.  My hazel colored eyes never blinking.

I knew that we were in Las Vegas, home of big dreams and huge losses.  Land of gambling your rent money away, and spending all night at the neighborhood casino trying to flip it back.  The city known for its connection of sin, and the motto of by any means necessary; but this situation was not the case.

I am far from being hard up for money.  I do not harbor any typical addictions such as gambling, drinking, sex or smoking.  I did not have to live by the rules of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

My kryptonite was on a totally different level.  My addiction was Dale, and the heartbreak that he proposed on me on so many occasions.  Getting rid of this ring was going to be the first step of my road to recovery, and I really didn’t care about what this old lady nor anyone felt or thought about what I was doing.
Pawning this ring was in the best interest of me.

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