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"THE READING ROOM" Author Ni'Cola Mitchell "TWISTED" Part I

Hello Bloggers and "The Reading Room" guest, l'm featuring a new showcase book for the month of February introducing Author Ni’Cola Mitchell, who showcasing  her third novel  titled Twisted! 
Striving to establish a new flair to the term contemporary fiction, Best-Selling author Ni’cola Mitchell entered the literary scene with one main objective: To Stimulate Your Mind, One Word at a Time.
Through her independent publishing company NCM Publishing; Ni’cola published her debut novel entitled Over and Over Again in June 2009. Following on the heels of her debut’s critical acclaim, The Appetizer: When You’re Not His Main Course was released February 2010. Ni’cola’s growing readership eagerly awaits her next literary masterpiece Twisted, due out December 2010. Much of her work revolves around complex relationship issues situations and Mitchell’s compulsive desire to see women over come challenges.
Over and Over Again was featured in the top ten by EDC Creations Recommended Reading List for the 2009 fall season under Mainstream Fiction and Women’s Fiction. She was recently nominated Self-Published Author of the Year with the African-African Literary Awards Show. She is also a member of the national touring group the Literary Sistah’s.
Because of her outstanding representation of Las Vegas’ African-American community, she was featured in the second edition of Who’s Who in Black Las Vegas. Ni’cola is also a motivational speaker and literary consultant. When Ni’cola isn’t writing, she loves to spend time with her family and volunteer as a mentor for youth activities.
Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Ni’cola Mitchell currently resides in North Las Vegas, Nevada, with her two daughters, Destani and Diamond. She holds a Bachelors degree of Science in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration in HealthCare Management.

1: Introduce yourself.
My name is Ni'cola Mitchell and I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica.  I am a single mother of two daughters Destani age 16 and Diamond age 11.  I am currently in graduate school, pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management.  I am also a head coach of a youth football league cheer team.  

2: Tell the audience about your new title Twisted.
The Appetizer is the direct sequel to my first novel Over and Over Again.  Even though all of my stories are connecting, Twisted is centered around my main character Dionni Stone. 

In Over and Over Again I described Dionni as being charismatic, goal oriented, and very sophisticated.  Even though she had everything together on the outside, Dionni was not as successful in the area of love. 
Her life was in so much turmoil, which in the end of the book sent Dionni on hiatus. 
Several months later, Dionni finds out that her best friend has been beaten, raped, and left for dead which is why Dionni has to come back to Vegas to face her demons.  Dionni has a new perspective on life and has come back with a vengeance sporting a new look and attitude.  Trying to find out what happened to Tiana; Dionni is faced with a new set of tribulations that she has to face.

I brought back all of the original characters, including Candy, Dionni’s direct foe, and introduced Rain.  A young beautiful woman, who’s main focus, is getting rid of Dionni by any means necessary.
This book is filled with so many twist and turns, that I could not believe that I wrote it.  It will also explain the importance of not playing with a person’s heart and emotions.  I can’t lie, Candy and Rain are both crazy, but Twisted gives the reader an explanation on how they each got that way.  

3: Describe how you came up with the title?
Actually, my cousin came up with the title. She just finished reading Over and Over Again, and was like” wow…how that book ended, everyone had Dionni Twisted” in hence the name.  So I would like to shout out Autumn for her creativity.

4: Who is the audience for your book? What would you like the reader
to take away from your novel?
Men and women are both the audience for this book.  I want readers to find entertainment while learning life lessons at the same time.  I want people to understand and see first hand that there are always two sides to every story.  This story will hit home on so many levels because we all know one of the characters in this book.

5: Twisted is your third novel, and an introduction to
publishing. What are a few misconceptions you had about the publishing industry before your debut book? Have any of the misconceptions changed?
Over and Over Again was actually my introductory lesson in the publishing field.  I learned a lot though from both of these projects.  I knew that it was going to be a hard road, so I was actually prepared for the kinks that have been thrown at me.  The only misconception that I had was that at some point it was going to get easier.  I am faced with a different challenge everyday, but in essence I am always up to a good challenge as well.

6: Multitasking (marketing, promotion, etc.) becomes apparent after
the debut book. Did your writing process change any?
The only thing that changed about my writing process is the speed.  In writing Twisted, it took me six months from start to finish; vs. Over and Over Again that took a year.
I try to start off every project in an outline form.  I take the topic and use it as the foundation.  Then I try to put in as many subtopics as possible.  I do not write from beginning to end.  I write whatever is in my heart.

7: What upcoming projects or plans do you have that you’d like to share?
Candy my villainess in Over and Over Again, has gained her own story, entitled Candy, and it will be out in the end of the year. Also I will be included into several anthologies.
NCM Publishing is also going to be very busy with the releases of God Don’t Like Ugly, by Rekaya Gibson, A Lil Sumthin, Sumthin, by Imani True and A Generation of Curses by Patricia Bridewell.  
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