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Eleven Months of Hell       

Tamika Newhouse

Synopsis for Eleven Months of Hell!!

China Ball’s first dramatic novel is a real page turner. This novel’s about a woman who took drastic measures to take control of her life to the point of putting a knife to her husband’s throat during a heated argument.

The story began where Mercedes joins the Navy to see the world and meets a charming but dysfunctional Air Force Sergeant, falls in love and married him. She continues her military service when the most unexpected events happen to her. These events take Mercedes though trial after tribulation and make her more determined than ever to change her life for the better. Through Mercedes journey she has several true and loyal friends with very colorful personalities and characteristics that make for very interesting reading. This book deals with many of the social issues of today, such as no good cheating men and sexy women that gotta have it to drug & alcohol addiction and the alternate life styles many of her friends have.

The last eleven months of this journey are the most challenging of all but Mercedes is determined not to let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving her ultimate goals in life.Why don’t you take a ride on this amazing journey and see why Eleven Months of Hell was invited as a nominee for the NAACP image awards as best fiction novel of the year.

Excerpt from Eleven Months of Hell

Mercedes listened as Terry unlocked the back door and walked into the house. He had just gotten off from his shift at the post office. She could hear him walking around downstairs as if he was inspecting the place. This was his nightly routine. She cringed when she heard his foot settle onto the first step. He was coming upstairs to harass and abuse her, as usual. Everything was the same as it had been for the last eleven months, but tonight it would be different. Mercedes had made up her mind….tonight would be very different.

BIO: China Ball passion for writing began when she was three years old and her mother gave her a sheet of paper and a pencil to quiet her down, but unbeknownst to her mother it was love of first sight for China. She served the United States Navy and began writing in journals of all her travels and experiences for relaxations. After nine and a half years Ms. Ball was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran and went on to work in the Postal Service while attending Norfolk State University. Ms. Ball first debut novel, “Eleven Months of Hell” was released in 2008 where she received an invitation to be nominated in the 40th Year NAACP Images Award for the Year 2009. Although Ms. Ball did not get selected as a final nominee for the 2009 Image Awards she was given the honor once again to participate as a nominee for the 41st NAACP Image Awards in the Literary Category for Best Fiction Author of the year for 2010 for her new novel “After the Hell”. Just recently Ms. Ball has released her third novel, No More Hell to end the “Hell” trilogy. Currently she is working on her 4th novel to be release in early 2011.

Ms. Ball holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism from Norfolk State University and a Master of Science Degree from Central Michigan University. Ms. Ball is proudly a Lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

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