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As  I set here wallowing in self pity today, going over the last year and all that it's has been to me. I found myself needing something to read. 
While I sat at the library in Oklahoma (Belle Isle). I looked over and saw the December 2010 issue Essence magazine. The first thing that struck me was the wonderful cover featuring the Tyler Perry cast of Color Girls....(wonderful movie)! I have noting but great thing to say about this movie (maybe that the counselor side of me coming though) !

Anyway I always have to read the commentary before moving on (Between us/A letter from the Editor) by Angela Burt-Murray.  Well I have to admit her message was right on point! (Blessed Assurance) from the beginning to the end of this piece it really struck a cord in me and left me reeling.....!  Sometime in this life you feel you are the only person in the world feeling empty and confused, I've was just so sure no one else felt this strange weight of the world on them like I did this year!

Well Ms Angela change my perceptive and perception, of how other people are dealing with their feeling. She went on to write a serious message on the twenty-fourth page you must read. I know I'm been silly (thinking I'm the only one with issues) adversities come in everyones life, it's how you handle those up's and down's that change the outcome. Each of us in one way or another we've still standing, being quiet and trying to hear that inter voice speaking on God's behalf.  One thing she did explain early on that if you are feeling like you did not accomplish the thing's you wanted to do this year you really need to get in a quiet place and write down all the wonderful things that's happen to you before the end of the year! 

Your positives should surely be ahead of your negatives! What really made this article pop for me was the wonderful email message she received from a friend, Evelyn Underhill:  "This is the secret of joy. We shall no longer strive for our own way; but commit ourselves easily and simply, to God's way, acquiesce in His will and in so doing find our peace! (This really blew my mind......!) Angela goes on to state: Instead of filling your days thinkings about what you don't have, haven't done, can't afford or didn't achieve or who yon can't be with, (whew)!  you're allowing negativity to consume you, setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy....(this was too  deep)!!!!!!!!

The question she ask is "What can you do now that you couldn't do before? Where have you gone that you never thought you could? Is there more YES...and what are you going to do tomorrow? This was so profound for me. Then she go on to sum up the article with the most wonderful scripture we all know and cherish ARE U READY!  "Faith without works is dead" James 2:20  Angela states You can ask GOD (yes you really can talk too him) what action are you willing to take to envision for your own truth!

My brother Josh, always state: Bill Gates was given the same amount of day's I was given 365 of them  it's what you do with those second, minute and hours of your day that will prove you are worthy of the talents GOD have given each of us. My son Justin  have also stated (even though he thinks I'm not listening to him) one must PLAN, EXECUTE, AND TAKE ACTION, same action plan God has for each of us this's what life is all about.....!

So I come a way with a wealth of information today!  My perceptive for 2011 has changed!  I have the same amount of time the next person has! What I do with my moment's given to me will really make the difference in the coming year! 

Faith, Peace and Love to each of you !


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