Friday, November 5, 2010

Blame it on the LORD?

Blame it on the LORD?

To members of Devotions By Dana

Minister Dana Rankin November 4 at 6:18pm
A man may ruin his chances by his own foolishness and then blame it on the LORD! Proverbs 19:3

It is so easy to point out other's faults isn't it? We could probably take a person from church or in our family and say everything we know about their faults. On the other hand, it is very difficult for any of us to accept the responsibility for our own foolishness. We either blame it on someone else, or, when that fails, blame it on the LORD, moaning about our "bad luck" or our "fate." I have found that if we truly see God as Someone who, not only knows what is good for us, but wants what is good for us, we can trust His wisdom and then give Him the glory and the credit for our achievements, our successes, our happiness, our blessings, our joys. I for one have made some very important decisions and did not so much as pray about it thinking it was what 'God wanted.' Then since I did not consult God the decision I made was wrong. Then I wanted God to send me a way out and I even prayed for the LORD to provide me a way out.

God forgives us from our sins and mistakes, but we have to live with the results of them. How many times we make plans and then ask God to bless them, instead of asking God to help us make the plans first and then following His direction.

Today Oh Lord, we pray that we will seek your way first,that we will make prayer our first recourse rather than our last resort.

~Minister Dana

Have a blessed day! :)

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