Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, Beverly.

Thank you so much for joining the ministry's partnership team.

Words can not express my gratitude. The spirit confirm that there will be those whose heart he would touch to give. I am happy God touched your heart. I am also glad I was obedient to the spirit and asked you to join.

Please send your seed offering for the month of October.
I am humbly asking all sowers to send prior to the end of October as a spirit of unity.

I will not tell anyone what to give. Give according to how God moves on your heart to give. My only request is that you give with a cheerful heart.

I will leave the rest between you and the Lord, Jesus Christ. This is where everyone will give accordingly to what the Lords lay on their heart. I believe the blessing is when people give freely.

The seed offering that will be given will go under Worldwide Daniel Fast my local church in which I serve and it will be used for the soul purpose of the Worldwide Daniel fast Ministry in which I am the overseer.

This is a beginning of a powerful movement of God Via Internet and LIVE Stream.

As a seed sower you are a partner in the minsitry and will be kept abreast of everything God is doing through the ministry.

You are sowing into good fertile ground and your return will be ten fold. Believe God for the impossible. The sky is the limited. Believe it and receive it!

Please send your prayer request with your seed. A wall is being created and each sower will have a foundation brick with your name and prayer request on it.

Please pray and allow God to touch your heart as you give unto the work of the ministry. (kingdom Building)

Once again,

I Thank you so much and appreciate your prayers and love offering to the ministry.

It is also equally important that you continue to pay your tithes and offering to you local church. This is part of the blessing.

If you do not have a local church that you attend...please consider sowing your Tithes and offering into the Worldwide Daniel Fast Ministry. We can use all the financial resources we get as we build from the ground up.

Please send your seed offering as written below:

PO BOX 17394
San Diego, California 92177
Attention: Worldwide Daniel fast Ministry

Make checks, Money Order or Cashier Check out to

Under the purpose please put...
"For the Worldwide Daniel Fast Ministry"

This will help me track the offering coming in under my local ministry, for the Worldwide Daniel Fast Ministry.

When your seed is received you will receive a receipt via e-mail.

My direct line is 1(619) 822-4382.
Feel free to call me anytime.

In the Master's Hand,
Diane Haney

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