Wednesday, September 29, 2010

God's Creations Are So Amazing!

"You Really Can't  Imagine What Heaven Really Look Like

This was my response to this beautiful Albino Peacock photo's, sent to my face-book page today by Cheryl Richardson, of her mother took these photo's and sent them to her. What a blessing to see something like this....I'm in awe and really blown away....!  The beauty of this bird really speak's volume's! God's grace and mercy and his magnificent power is shining through this bird, the glory of this bird radiates God  love.....I'm really just speechless because I've never seen anything like it....this is truly the Father's love showing us how GREAT and Wonderful he truly is!  I cannot put into word's how this make me feel today! Just getting a glimpse of what the Father has in store for us in heaven! This awesome sight gives me the chill's right up my enjoy God's beautiful creation and share his love for us with other's and let them know the beauty of GOD' and what he has in store for them by sharing his love!

"I celebrate my beauty by stepping out into the world to show off my stuff!"

"Having a lovely time in London... my mom sent me 

this photo today by email of an albino peacock. It's 

gorgeous and inspires today's fun affirmation. 

Don't be shy :))))"

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