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Wow this a topic many of us fail to recognized "You are what you eat" and most of us began to wonder why do I feel bad, why can't I wear this suit I just brought, this hairstyle don't fit my personality right now! The other big one is I thought I had lost weight.....!  Many blogs now are professing we are emotional eaters when life is going well everything else is to, we really feel good about ourselves and it shows in how we dress, what we drive and how we take care of ourselves, we are even thoughtful to others when we feel at our best!
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When we are feeling down we tend to let ourselves go, we often lash out at our loves ones, tend to stay in and over indulges in food we know is adding not only weight it also put us in a state of depression, we tend to have more bad mood and insecurities. I know this for a fact because I've  experience all of this and more for the last couple of years. Sometime the feeling is so strong I can't shake it. I have done little else but live in self imposed pity for months, well not anymore this blog is to inspire not only you, myself included

I will be adding important information for those of you that's on an emotional roller-coaster with food!!!  It's time to take charge and control this monster inside that trying to take control...I will feel great again because I'm in charge and so are you!

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I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure in November 2007, was I surprise "YES" and "NO"  I have a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. My grandmother Viola John's died in her early fifties, several Aunt's and Uncle's had major complications from this dreaded disease in the last couple of years. So I do know the outcome of having diabetes it's real no need of denying it exist. I found out you can have the disease for at least 10 years and not know it, and having high blood pressure is a silent killer so I'm lucky to be alive!  So it's very important to have a checkup. I also found out it's important to know your AC1 levels, my brother Josh Thomas was diagnosed a year ago and boy he did not waste anytime reigning in this disease! He weighed 320 on a 6'4 frame a year ago....guess what he now down to slimming 280 and still losing weight what's important to note his AC1 level is now 4.7 "THIS IS GREAT' and this was all from changing his mind set and eating habits he has shown me it's not hard to change you just do it!

Well my brother Josh had that talk with his big sister last night and it made sense at how I was feeling, a lot has to do with being sick and tried of feeling overwhelmed with this disease and doing something about it. Changing my mind set, quit letting food rule and taking charge of the information I have received and following through with my lifestyle changes will be the different in "You are what you eat"  I will be posting meals, snacks and pictures of me jogging, walking or meditating in different localities I love around Oklahoma City, OK! I have found some wonderful online sites I will share and please I'm asking that you leave comments on your own weight loss journey.  

I weighed myself today I weighed 235 my goal weight is 150....I'm going to lose these pounds again one pound at a time! I have met some very important people along this journey 

 I will post their website information so that u too can be encouraged, empowered, inspired to change your life!

Dr. Thelma
Words of Advice on Emotional Eating...
Heart and Soul "Healing your Hunger"

"It is next important to recognize your eating triggers. What are the situations that result in you engaging in emotional eating? Examples include eating socially to cover feelings of inadequacy, eating to fill the void when one is stressed, bored, angry, tired, or depressed, eating simply because the food is there, eating after a series of negative thoughts about yourself, or excessive eating after you have denied yourself food by skipping meals. These are just a few examples. Each person has to determine for themselves the circumstances, thoughts, and feelings that often precede emotional eating"

Continue to be blessed in his spirit~! 
                                             Luv Ms Bev
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