Monday, August 30, 2010

Campaign Greatness!
Design Your Best Life to UNLEASH Your GREATNESS Teleconference

Hi there folks,
...then I would like to show you how. 
The time has come for us to get together for the much anticipated F*R*E*E* call this Thursday, 9/2 at 2 PM and 7PM EST on the topic "Design Your Best Life to Unleash Your Greatness." Will you be there?  I hope so!


No one can design your life for you. The design is within you!

Teleclass Date: Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010
Teleclass Time: 2 PM EST
And we're going to do it again at
Teleclass Time: 7 PM EST

It has been SUCH a marvelous time building up to the culmination of this phase of CAMPAIGN GREATNESS. The response on Facebook and Twitter is tremendous. No one wants a mind, heart and home full of chaos. Everyone wants to escape the stress of this world. Every person wants to Design their Best Life and Unleash their Greatness!
Many of you contacted me directly with your questions and remarks. Sharing my heart and passion and answering your private inquires were all inspirational to me. Your desire and commitment to clear out the clutter and chaos of your heart has inspired me and it was an honor to have been able to serve you. Hold on to your desire to conquer chaos and pursue greatness.
I remember when I tried to juggle life with a stressful mindset. Everything that was going on with the economy weighed on my heart too. And it showed up in every area of my life and even in my home. And boy it's amazing how much this affected my home life and the home environment.
Finally I got it!  I discovered that chaos is an enemy. I found a way to eliminate the chaos in my life and you know what, it also left my home! I still used these powerful principles in my life today!
I'm glad that I've move away from that lifestyle and have incorporated my God-given authentic greatness into how I design my home.
And this is why I had to do this F*R*E*E* call to share with you some of the steps and tools I used. You will learn above all else that whatever is in your heart affects every area of your life and it will surely spill over into the environment of your home. I want to share with you how to design your best life so you can unleash your greatness and design a healthy, stress-free, peaceful, orderly, fun, and spiritual environment.

The very best way to get all of the information is to be on the call. I can see if I don't stop I'll keep writing and tell you everything right here!
So hurry and head on over to the registration page and reserve your seat. There are limited seats and I don't want you to miss out on any of this. 
I can't wait to see you on the call!
P.S.  After you sign up, you'll get an opportunity to share your questionson this topic so that I can make the content really relevant to you!


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